Business is Never Personal

Raise your hand if you’re a serial entrepreneur. Ok, now raise your hand if you’ve gone into business with family or friends and things fizzled as quickly as they started… I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum and you know what… it was all a learning experience. It isn’t always about who’s right or wrong when you disagree, it’s about what is best for the business. There will be times that you don’t get your way and you have to be willing to compromise for the greater good of your organization. One of the greatest characteristics you can bring into any relationship is to have integrity and be honest. If you’re not happy with the direction your business is going, share your thoughts! You may be surprised at how it is received. Don’t just assume you know how your partner will react, you may find yourself surprised by their response. Be fair and give them the opportunity to provide their feedback.

I know it can be difficult not to be emotional about something that you’re so passionate about, but there will be times that you have to get out of your feelings (shout out to Drake : – ) and put your business hat on. Think Mogul… Think Game Changer… We can all agree that the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world faced many obstacles to get to where they are today. There were people that they had to cut out of their circle, they had to shut down the naysayers and even do some self-evaluations. All the while building generational wealth for the ones they love. Remember, you can’t expect the blind to proofread your vision!!!  Boss Up on ’em and stand boldly in your truth and remain focused on the “why” behind your business in the first place.







Unlike most scholarships, the L.A.C.E project is more like a family. Even after I received the scholarship they have continued to keep in touch with me. They’ve helped me step out of my comfort zone by inviting me to social events. Attending these events have helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue the goals I set for myself that I would otherwise not have the drive to do so. They ensured that I stayed on track with my career as a full-time student while working part-time. The L.A.C.E project has guided me, uplifted me, and sent me on a journey for greatness. – Malynta Anthony

My name is Silver Koen and I met Arkeisha Cox in 2016, through a mutual friend. And we instantly clicked like we had been friends forever! It was refreshing to meet a young black professional woman like myself that had similar morals & goals. So we often met for lunch & dinner conversing about life and our goals to uplift young black women and even start businesses. I am so grateful to have such an amazing friend that you can not only laugh, cry with but also inspire you to do better in life. Thank you Arkeisha Cox & I look forward to many more years of friendship and possible business partners. – Silver Koen

Mrs.Cox has been a great inspiration & motivator to me. She has showed me that as a black woman, you can be successful. I don’t have to be the product of a stereotype, I can be more. The L.A.C.E Project has allowed me to be introduced to many independent & successful black businesswomen. I have learned so much from Mrs. Cox and she has always supported me in everything I do. I am a proud scholarship recipient of the L.A.C.E project. – Aeriana Holifield