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A.G. Cox is the hub for many aspects of myself as an entrepreneur. I've finally figured out a way to bring a few of the things I love to one place. As you explore the site, you will have access to various tips, tricks and opportunities I've shared with aspiring Entrepreneurs, Scholars and Members of the Community.

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The L.A.C.E. Project

The L.A.C.E. Project is an initiative committed to educating and empowering all women in the areas of entrepreneurship, health & wellness and beauty. The L.A.C.E. Project strives for community partnership with organizations to provide services to low socioeconomic communities.

Past The Port

Past The Port is a Luxury Travel Agency that specializes in Mind-Blowing, High-End Luxurious Destinations for Singles, Couples as well as Large Groups. Clients are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Food, Culture and People of their destinations. Go Deeper! Go Past The Port!!! Click here to book your travel experience today.

Book Me

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Throughout my professional career, at some point of the other I found myself in the role of Trainer. Allow me to come in to work with your team in the areas of Sales, Customer Service, Team Building and Leadership.

The Launch $49.99/Session

I will help you get your E.I.N; set up your business account and provide other valuable resources you will need to get your business off the ground.

The Think Tank $49.99/Session

Affectionately called a “C.E.O. Chick,” I’m thankful to my friends, family & acquaintances alike to come to me for creative inspiration such a business names, ideas, slogans, etc. I will use my past expertise with such clients as Hooters, Budweiser and Tyler Perry to bring your vision to Life!

The Money $49.99/Month

As a former Small Business Banker for Wells Fargo, I’ve assisted thousand of clients repair, establish or strengthen their credit. Together, we will create a budget and develop an action plan to ensure you achieve your personal and business goals. Great for small business owners

Customer Testimonials

Unlike most scholarships, the L.A.C.E project is more like a family. Even after I received the scholarship they have continued to keep in touch with me. They’ve helped me step out of my comfort zone by inviting me to social events. Attending these events have helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue the goals I set for myself that I would otherwise not have the drive to do so. They ensured that I stayed on track with my career as a full-time student while working part-time. The L.A.C.E project has guided me, uplifted me, and sent me on a journey for greatness. – Malynta Anthony

My name is Silver Koen and I met Arkeisha Cox in 2016, through a mutual friend. And we instantly clicked like we had been friends forever! It was refreshing to meet a young black professional woman like myself that had similar morals & goals. So we often met for lunch & dinner conversing about life and our goals to uplift young black women and even start businesses. I am so grateful to have such an amazing friend that you can not only laugh, cry with but also inspire you to do better in life. Thank you Arkeisha Cox & I look forward to many more years of friendship and possible business partners. – Silver Koen

Mrs.Cox has been a great inspiration & motivator to me. She has showed me that as a black woman, you can be successful. I don’t have to be the product of a stereotype, I can be more. The L.A.C.E Project has allowed me to be introduced to many independent & successful black businesswomen. I have learned so much from Mrs. Cox and she has always supported me in everything I do. I am a proud scholarship recipient of the L.A.C.E project. – Aeriana Holifield



  • It's DECEMBER and you know what that means??? My Birthday is COMING!!!! I am doing a #37challenge for my 37th Birthday from now until 12/14 I am asking all of my Family & Friends to GIFT $3.37, $3.77, $33.37, $37, $37.37 or $337 or $377 to The L.A.C.E. Project's Scholarship Fund!!! In the past with the help of my supporter's we have been able to help a young lady attend @mtsu @tsutigers @spelman_college and @nashvillestate. In 2019, I want to be able to give more but I can't without your help!!! Please send your gift to bookthelaceproject@gmail.com  Thank you!!!!! #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires #37challenge #womensempowerment #scholarship #community
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  • Rest in Peace to the beautiful Ms. Kim Porter (@ladykp) Peace and Love to your family and friends at this time...
  • I am Looking to establish a long term relationship/partnership with Your FAVORITE & MOST CREATIVE Videographer!!!! They MUST BE professional, courteous and timely with edits/finished products --- students are also welcome--- TAG or DM me "WHO U WIT!" #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires #womensempowerment #community #scholarship #service #videographer
  • Today is the Day!!! It is the release of the much anticipated book "Becoming Michelle Obama" by @michelleobama get Your copy TODAY!!!! #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires #womensempowerment #michelleobama #becomingmichelleobama
  • People will see your smile but they may never know how many tears you've cried, how many sleepless nights you endured, the backstabbing, betrayal or disappointment you experienced... All of those moments brought you to where you are today and you know what... YOU ARE BETTER because of it!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! Happy Monday xoxo #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires #womensempowerment #community #service #scholarship
  • Thank You to All Veterans who FIGHT for our RIGHT to Speak, Protest, Worship, Love and Live as we PLEASE!!! There are so many things to be grateful for and We Appreciate Your Service💖 #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires #veteransday2018🇺🇸
  • Sending Love All Around the World!!!! Have a Wonderful Weekend💖💖💖 #agcox #thelaceproject #lets_all_create_empires